Easy Peasy Fat Free Tea Loaf



Soak 300-350g of raisins in 350ml cold tea, overnight
My version : 300g raisins and 20g dried orange peel.
Standard version : use mixed dried fruit


Turn the oven on to preheat at 170
In a large bowl, put in the following and mix it up with a big spoon
a) 270g self raising flour,
b) teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or mixed spice if you prefer)
c) 200g brown sugar (soft if you have it)
d) the tea and fruit (previously soaked)
e) 2 eggs, mixed up together first

If you have any parchment paper/baking powder, line a loaf tin, the pour in the mixture and bake for 90mins.

Cool on a wire rack.

Then slice and enjoy Рyou can have butter on if you wish, or try it with marmalade/lemon curd  instead for breakfast. I like it on its own.,

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