Quick and Easy Pickled Carrots


Try as a side dish with Indian or Japanese dishes. Also good with rice or salads.

2 Carrots – peeled & thinly sliced on a diagonal/julienne style
1 tbsp Salt – table or cooking salt
75ml. Cider vinegar – or white wine vinegar or rice vinegar
15g Sugar – caster is preferred

Optional : add a few very thin slices of red onion to the carrots

Salt the carrots and let them drain for 2/3 hours.

Dab away excess salt and put into a clean bowl.

Mix sugar & vinegar together until dissolved and pour over the carrots. Leave for 2 hours, mixing every half hour if they are not completely submerged.

Serve at room temperature when ready.

Tip ~ Keeps for three days in the fridge, in the vinegar but will lose crunch gradually.


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