About me

It took a long time to decide that I could cook or even enjoy food for that matter.

Unlike most food bloggers – if I can even define myself that way – is that  I didn’t learn cooking standing next to mum or granny.   I wasn’t  picky eater as a child, food was just something that you did 3 times a day. My first food blog was really just a catalogue of recipes that I enjoyed, mostly using ingredients that I had in abundance from my 1 attempt allotment.  How I came to ponder, dream, read, & talk food so much is still a mystery to me.  Somewhere  after leaving home and starting to eat out more combined with  having the ability to cook for myself, I realised that good food is both enjoyable and interesting.   I am thankful it happened – it gives me control. Food is no longer just fuel (although it an be super-fuel at times), it is a method to control how my body feels and more importantly, it is a pleasure.  Luckily, my husband is also a ‘foodie’ and an excellent cook.

I love the science behind fabulous nutrition, but I am not a slave to it.  Life is to be enjoyed.

Conversely, now, eating out has to be better than eating in.  Not always easy.   I guess I have to admit, I have become a picky eater.

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! And welcome to the world of picky eaters 😉 Cheers!

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